Pine scent, backseat of
a Toyota
Two dresses;
both velvet, one crushed
saying Merry Christmas!
and having affairs

My hands grieve for
your gentle enthusiasms
Every morning
I am heavy with contradictions

Sometimes, but rarely,
the Night is fast.

Sara Sutterlin



(noun) A rare word, thalassophile is defined as a lover of the ocean. A  thalassophile appreciate the calm and violent beauty of the sea, as well as its natural duality between vulnerability and strength. Water is the only element which is simultaneously strong to cause an uprising, but delicate enough to sneak into the Earth’s smallest creaks.



(noun) A rare and ancient word in the English lexicon, apanthropinization is defined as the act of withdrawing oneself from the state of humanity and its inevitable turmoil and anxiety. Although, phonetically and aesthetically, the word is harsh, its meaning originated from a delicate urge: the primitive human need to lust in beauty, particularly the beauty of nature. Without a doubt apanthropinization possesses hermit-like behavior, but surfaces from instinct. One does not retreat because he/she is bitter, but rather retreats to the primal urge to admire and become captivated by beauty and symmetry.